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Weird (non) Work Days

It’s been a weird day. I feel like I was just getting back into the swing of working when I stopped working – and by working I am referring to my paying job. I was acutely aware all day today that I should have been at work, even though I shouldn’t have been. I have taken a step back to casual from two days each week after a month back from maternity leave. I made this choice for lots of reasons but essentially childcare (or lack of) and barely bringing anything home when it was all said and done were the major factors. If I’m barely making anything doing something I am less than passionate about – I’d rather find ways to mostly be a work-at-home-mom for now, especially with all the changes in our lives lately including my hubby Bryn now being self-employed which means an all over the map and fairly unpredictable schedule.

Our work lives have changed drastically in the past couple of months not to mention all the work our energetic little bundle takes as well!

It feels like I’ve had a job forever, which isn’t quite accurate but very close to at least half my life so far, and definitely all of my adult life… so while technically I am still a casual employee all that means is I will work the odd day if I can when (and if) they call. I’m a bit worried about this new chapter.

Here’s why:

  • I’m not a routine person.
  • I am not a creature of habit or structure (in most ways).
  • I would like to think what money I do (or don’t) make doesn’t define me or give me value – but I am freaking out a little inside (and now publicly) about the fact that I will not be bringing in much (for now).
  • I am a master procrastinator, which equals me being adequate but maybe more often than not sub par in the all things domestic department.


Weird Work Days - Back to work then back home again after mat leave - my plan to get more organized in this unstructured life. (more…)

Breast feeding Guest Post

My Very First Guest Post is Up! Eeeek!

I am so excited and honoured to tell you that my very first guest post is up on my friend Katherine’s blog The Pampered Baby! The post is about breastfeeding, and the struggles that I and many women face – she masterfully named it Breastfeeding is Not One Size Fits All. Head on over and check it out! She has a beautiful blog full of inspiration and so many cute kiddo things, and best of all she is super supportive of other women in their various ventures and her passion for that shows! Thanks again Katherine! 

You can find another post I’ve written about breastfeeding here, and I am sure there will be more to come!

xo Tanitha

Mama Gems Teething Necklace Review

I’m going to be really honest – I didn’t really get the whole teething necklace thing at first,  maybe because I don’t really do jewellery in general or maybe because there are a million things your baby will chew on but it usually isn’t what you want them to chew on, and maybe because I just hadn’t gravitated to any that I had seen. The teething necklace I got from Mama Gems totally changed my mind.

When I saw my friend with a super cute, but subtle teething necklace I thought it might be a good distraction/toy/teether to try because my hair cringes when H leans in for a hug/to grab the little tiny curls at the back of my neck. He has also taken to jamming his hand down my shirt at random and was getting into the habit of pinching and grabbing while nursing – no thanks! I hoped a necklace would be a good little something to keep his hands busy! I told her I had been thinking about looking for one but didn’t know where to start because there seems to be a lot of options out there, and let’s just say I am not terribly decisive. She told me it was from a company called Mama Gems, Mom owned and operated and local – in Vancouver which to me is a huge bonus!

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Unexpected Parenting 'Quirks' - Imaginary Sails

Bonk… Unexpected Parenting ‘Quirks’

There are a lot of ways I’ve been surprised with myself as a parent, in good and bad ways, here are a few ‘quirks’ that I’ve been very aware of lately:


I think if I put a GoPro on my little mini mister’s head I would be horrified, he’s been walking without holding on to stuff for about a month and he is pretty steady on his feet. He is also top heavy (most babies are with those big cute heads right?!), he is also the perfect height to whack, bonk, graze, scrape his head on many random things that are in his heads way but not quite in his line of vision – like today it was a BBQ, yesterday (and many other days) our dining room table not to mention random face plants.

A couple years ago my sister in law told me about a friend of hers that actually got a helmet for their little guy to wear and I thought is was hilarious. And maybe a little (a lot) overkill, but now I wouldn’t laugh and could almost call it reasonable because I seriously can’t believe the abuse their little noggins endure. I might have even caught myself thinking about googling it, just to see…

This all coming from a very accident prone person who was raised being told by my Dad that ‘scars add character’ – not in a creepy way just in a they tell a story way. I want my kid to be brave and adventurous and unafraid to try new things!

Unexpected Parenting 'Quirks' stairs - Imaginary Sails
But I worry about all those bonks and if they actually cause more damage than a minute of tears and a few days with a mark. Gah – I guess that’s why their heads are so soft?

Oh and I got his skin with the nail clippers a couple weeks ago and I almost cried right along with him and still feel awful, but he was over it as soon as we got a fascinating and colourful little bandage situation applied.


I’ve also caught myself being a little weird or over bearing about food. Not that I think this is rare or unique, I’m sure (I hope) this is pretty common, I just didn’t know I would feel so very very verrrry adamant about what our little one eats. Or rather what he shouldn’t eat…  my husband may or may not get a shiver down his spine at simply the thought of letting H try a bite of a cookie or something. He KNOWS I am watching ;) . I feel like Grandparents or Aunties and Uncles can get away with a pass for a treat here and there but I do not want a treat crazed baby on my hands yet, I speak from experience – sugar is most definitely a drug of sorts.

Stylin Baby

What my little one wears. This is weird and for sure a bit vain but I do get way too much pleasure out of putting a somewhat (more…)

Thankful Thoughts

I wanted to write a Thanksgiving post, sharing the joy of the current season that I love so much. I know that I have so much to be thankful for and when I really really think about it, it overwhelms me in a good way, but overwhelmed is overwhelmed.

We had a very busy weekend and of course that comes with a busy week leading up to the said busy weekend, we hosted our sons first birthday party (and even though it was smallish it sure felt big!) and had another little family gathering a few days before that on his actual birthday, had family and friends come and stay to join us and celebrate, followed by a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner on Sunday as well and I really could not have asked for more!

Something was niggling at me though, as the thought of writing this post (or rather the ideas of what I thought this post should be) sat in the back of my mind it just didn’t feel right, like it would be a bit of a show and not quite genuine. Hmmm. That didn’t sit well so I waited a few days to try to process this. I think the catch was this: I was just plain tired and kind of grumpy, by Monday night (actual thanksgiving) I was feeling so run down and depleted and really could have cried, even though I had a ton of help with all of the busyness and didn’t even host the Thanksgiving meal! It is amazing (annoying) what lack of sleep can do to my emotions in a bad way. I felt guilty that I was so tired and blah when I thought I should be just grateful and happy and content.


Incomplete Sentences – By Products of Mom Brain

I just need to know – are there any Moms out there who have ever successfully had a full conversation with a new (or old) Mommy friend?! If so – how? I can’t even count the number of times I’ve thought back on an interaction and wondered ‘did I do all the talking?’ ‘What did I say?!’ ‘Did I ask them about themselves?!’ ‘What did they say?!’  … Where am I? Where’s the coffee?!…

I had our son about a year after moving to a new place – not super far from where we lived before – but a ferry ride away. This means it’s a whole different ball game to visit my friends, we can’t just quickly meet up for coffee or grab a bite like we used to. Not to mention that just a few of  my friends have kids as well which can change things a little too. So obviously I would like to get to know more people in the area but there are just a few obstacles I’ve noticed…


An Ode to the Last Days of Summer

I get it, I love my boots and scarves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes as much as the next girl and fall is awesome, but can we please squeeze the last few days out of summer before we kiss it goodbye?

Living in such a moderate climate means we didn’t exactly suffer through a long hot summer, and it’s not as though we’ll be doing any snow shoveling this winter, but it is still kind of warm out and so seeing so many people wearing boots and warm jackets out and about this weekend has been a little confusing for me. (I’ll admit I am easily confused at times ;) ).

Wearing jeans and a light cotton long sleeve t-shirt this afternoon, I was sweating when the sun peeked out. I was at Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island and I absolutely would have been swimming if I had my suit. I also felt it was warm enough to strip the baby down and let him splash in the lake, and I am totally that Mom who always needs to make sure my baby is warm. Please please please can we just sit back and soak in these last days of summer, because the endless rainy days and dark commutes will be upon us soon enough, but they aren’t here quite yet. Starbucks has tricked us with their very sneaky, tasty, and effective marketing ploy involving a certain pumpkin beverage, into thinking it is fall when in fact it is still officially summer. The fact that the Halloween Candy has been out for a while now as well does not help either…

When I was living in Australia I totally got it, on the east coast where I was living it went from pretty hot to even hotter and although I wasn’t there for “winter”, “fall” was barely different from summer. At that time I would have jumped on the fall bandwagon weeks and weeks early! I got home in April and could have drank in the crisp morning air for months after living in hotness day in and day out, I missed seasons so much!

Here is another reason I might be feeling like summer cannot be over yet: it was my first summer as a Mommy and while I had visions of countless beach days (the baby would just stay where I put him and play in the shade right?!) and “doing whatever I wanted”, because I would be on maternity leave ie: “not working”, obviously it was nothing like that with a little one. Don’t get me wrong I feel super lucky that I was not at work, but the amount of effort it takes to get a baby ready for the beach versus the time you actually spend at the beach … just makes me chuckle at my naive expectations…

ANYWAYS, I love having 4 seasons that can be differentiated and I enjoy them all very much for different reasons, so I insist on enjoying the last three days of summer, I might even go jump in the ocean just because I feel like I should still be able to. Let’s get a few more days of flip flops in, drink an iced coffee, and pass on the sweaters, boots and warm jackets. Fall starts on September 23rd at 4:21am, and until then it is still officially summer!!!

{now I can only hope it isn’t cold and rainy for the next three days straight!}

Oh Hi There

Welcome to my blog! First let me introduce myself, I am Tanitha (like Tabitha with a ‘n’, not Taneeeetha) and Imaginary Sails is my little corner of the Internets.

First a little about me and my family: I married my high school crush in 2011, but we were way too scared of each other at the time we were actually in school together to be high school sweethearts! We actually barely spoke for five years after graduating before re-connecting and hitting it off again. He is without a doubt the love of my life. Neither of us is perfect, but we keep learning and growing and laughing and it has been an amazing ride so far. Last year we welcomed our silly, sticky, sweet little boy into our lives and cannot believe the joy, laughter (and work) it has added to our lives!



I am a part-time banker by day and a not so closet chocolate lover the rest of the time ;) you know among the baby wrangling and what not. I love all things water related, I love drinking it, I love looking at it, being in it, on it, around it, and under it – as a scuba diver. This is good because we live on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, (a 40 minute ferry ride from West Vancouver), we transplanted here in 2013 from the hustle and bustle of Surrey – what a change!


I hope to cultivate a positive and supportive online community that is real, fun, and that likes silly jokes and smoothies. If you like coffee, but sometimes tea, run on sentences, and appreciate the great outdoors I think we will get along great! I want this to be a safe place to share and hear opinions, offer support or insight where I can, ask questions, and hopefully where some will find inspiration. I can’t wait to share about this crazy road of parenthood we are on, but also so much more about life in general! As in, to my sweet readers and friends without kids, it won’t just be about barf and diapers!

I traveled a lot in my early twenties and although my priorities and responsibilities have evolved since then, meaning less (exotic anyways) travel lately, I can’t wait to share stories from my travel journals, musings, experiences and future plans too! I am definitely and adventurer at heart. I also had an unfortunate thing for foot pictures while I was traveling, here are my feet atop a temple at Tikal, Guatemala. Sorry, but I thought I should be upfront about this ;)…


I love the idea of being Super Woman that can do it all, but I really am not. I also love the idea of being super crafty and have so much fun getting ideas off of pinterest but I know my (serious and debilitating when it comes to crafting) limitations, I have very little artistic talent, get impatient and take project-ruining-short cuts, plus my time management skills are a work in progress. All that being said, I do like to find or come up with the odd super easy and quick project and if that’s your style I hope you’ll find some doable DIY here too.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you love it!

(Wedding Photo Credit: Sarah Jeanine Photography)


Formula: the other ‘F’ word

Here goes… I should preface this by saying 1) I am not a professional in this field, simply sharing my experience and opinion. 2) I am pro-breastfeeding, and that being said 3) I am 100% pro feeding-your-baby however you need to for them (and you!) to be well. Period.

Breast is Best‘ is a very simple phrase, for something that was so much more complicated than that for me. Before I had my son, when people asked if I was planning to breastfeed I would respond with ‘yes, assuming I can’, all nonchalantly like it was no big deal to me. I told myself to not be married to the idea because I ‘knew’ that things could go wrong or be complicated, but somewhere deep down I was getting very attached to this very maternal and primal thing, I had seen a few people close to me make it look easy, and if I was committed I was sure I could do it too. I am definitely a person who hangs A LOT on expectations and disappointment can hit me hard, so I told myself to not give too much weight to the expectation of breastfeeding coming easily to me… Unfortunately I totally did, I hung my hat on it, put all my eggs in that exact basket, imagined myself breastfeeding in a field full of flowers, bunnies and baby deer (HA!), I committed myself fully… I mean really, what’s the big deal? You have the baby, the baby latches, you repeat every two hours in order to establish your milk supply and you are set to go right?!?!

I also told myself to just embrace the birth of my son however it happened, even if it wasn’t 100% natural, even if it was a C-section. I won’t go into too much detail on this now, but I ended up with an emergency C-section. In summary we heard the words ‘jammed’ and ‘wedged’ coming out of the doctors mouths as they were doing the procedure, no wonder he hadn’t dropped at all after hours of active labour and almost full dilation! I got to be awake during the operation and see our little guy right away and it was the most amazing experience of my life, even though it was not at all how I pictured it. Thank goodness I’m not disappointed about how the birth went down or I really would have put myself through the ringer…