Imaginary Sails - Travel Destination Wish list with and without kids

Travel Destinations

My Wish List … 5 Travel Options With Kids and 5 Without 

The truth is that as a fairly new parent it is hard to imagine being able or even wanting to travel without my little one (and hopefully little ones in the future), but I know I will get over that as the years and the kids increase. This is a short list, I could go on for days about the places I would love to go, actually I could go on for a life time but alas here is a short and somewhat attainable list. I also know that there are so so soooo many places that would be amazing as a couple or a family, like New Zealand, Japan, Australia, the Bahamas, I really could just go on and on. But I won’t. This list also omits all the amazing places near by us in BC, although I do plan to tackle those amazing destinations as we go! This is more of a you would probably need to fly there list.

With the wee ones:

1. Disneyland


2. Europe

It is somewhere I have always wanted to go, and I think it would be awesome to share the different cultures and impressive history with kids, although I guess it would be older kids or teens that it would b ideal for if we were to shell out the $ for a trip like that.

Also I realize Europe is rather broad but this is why I have never quite been able to plan a trip there, I get carried away, wanting to see and do everything and THEN my mind goes, but we are so close to Asia, and Africa and we have to go E V E R Y W H E R E. Anyways it’s either a conundrum I will figure out some day or not.

3. Utah

So. Many. Cool. Outdoorsy. Things. And such… I have only ever been through a little corner of Utah but didn’t really spend any time exploring there. It’s a very do-able trip from where we live and I love that the terrain is so diverse. I would probably want to go with kids that could keep up or easily be carried on a hike.

4. All Inclusive in Mexico or Cuba

I have only been to an all inclusive once, on our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. I loved it for a lot of reasons but even so by the end I was wishing that we had a bigger budget so we could do endless excursions – I get a little stir crazy. However since becoming a parent, I bet I would enjoy endless hours laying in the sun with zero planned, life is a different story now. I think this would be the ideal setting to go with a group of family and friends, so we could be and would have some built in babysitters so we could have some kid-free time but also enjoy some new things with kids!

5. Maui

We went to Maui before we had a baby and loved it so very much! While we were there we noticed how many families were on vacation too and think it would be the perfect place to go back to. Beaches, great food, snorkelling, shopping, surfing, sea turtles, paddle boarding, endless fun really!

Travel Destinations

Without the little ones:

Hitch Hiking in Guatemala

This is going back a long way, just over ten years in Guatemala. One of my besties was my travel buddy but since she is a high level spy and for the purpose of privacy her name shall be Spok. I will also change the names of our other cohorts/spanish speaking lifesavers to Starsky and Hutch.

First – a little context, Spok and I had been backpacking for just over a month when we met the nicest pair of guys ever (the day before the story I am about to share) at the epic Tikal Ruins (Planet of the Apes was filmed there I believe), we became fast friends and were coincidentally headed to the same place the next day and it must have been them that convinced us to hitch hike there with them. We went with our guts and took the leap. Hitch hiking can be dangerous, absolutely, but we had a blast. I can still remember the thrill and perma-smile on my face riding in the back of that truck, and the total freedom I felt…

Here is an excerpt from my travel journal, slightly edited by me because I can.

Friday July 29th, 2015 Flores – Finca Ixobel, Guatemala

So the morning started off splendidly & Spok was even cheerful (she to this day is NOT a morning person) …. We walked for about 6km before we got picked up by a nice man in a fast pick-up truck that took us to our first fork in the road. We walked a little longer this time before getting picked up again – they stopped at a gas station in town and we were back to walking. We grabbed some packaged ‘BIMBO’ cinnamon buns that were actually decent and some ‘LOROS’ which were basically Oreos. We continued on our way until we got picked up by a super nice guy and all crammed into his little car the whole rest of the way to Finca Ixobel…

So I know it sounds bad that we were hitch hiking in Guatemala with two guys we had known a whole 24 hours but it was seriously one of the funnest things we have done on this trip. Hutch lived here for a long time and speaks really good Spanish so it really adds to the secure feeling – indescribable fun I tell ya. (As fun as it had been just the two of us, we did have some unsure moments being two girls with limited Spanish at the ripe ago of 19 gallivanting around Central America and it was like we could exhale a whole lot more once we joined forces with these guys). 

Imaginary Sails- Guatemalan Adventure

About the Finca (Farm) – it is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen and without a doubt the nicest place we have stayed. Our ‘tree houses’ are little cabins on stilts and are super nice and cute and all that jazz. Once we settled in we headed to the swimming hold for some good old fashioned fun in the nice cool water, had breath holding swimming competitions and hung out in the hammocks. We had lunch then headed out on our caving adventure. Hutch even macheted himself some man-pris hehehe. We met up with our super cool gum boot clad guide and trudged through cow fields, up hills, through fields with tall grass and a whole lot of MUUUDDD. The caves were totally incredible and I don’t think I can even describe them. We saw cute little bats and mega huge spiders like as big as big man hands and of course all the usual cave stuff. There were beads of water all over and it fully added to the b-e-a-utiful effect of the caves.  (more…)