My Essentials: 3 of my favourite quick & easy DIYs

I want to share some of my absolute favourite recipes that are fast, easy and work really well & tell you a bit about which Essential Oils I use in them! If you missed it – I share a bit about how/why I got started with essential oils here.

Hand Soap

Combine Equal parts of water and unscented castile soap (Dr. Bronners is what I usually use), add approx. 1tsp of vitamin E oil (or Fractionated Coconut Oil, or avocado oil or another moisturizing oil of choice) to add some extra skin moisturization. Then add 15-25 drops of essential oils of your choice. Some suggestions: Protective Blend, Cleansing Blend, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Melaleuca, Lime, Lemon, Arborvitae, Basil, Lavender, Peppermint, Grapefruit. Two of my favourite combos so far are Peppermint & Rosemary – it is oh so fresh, and Lemongrass, Wild Orange & Basil – super invigorating! Super clean hands & a lovely aroma that actually comes right from the plant rather than toxic chemicals and synthetics – and don’t get me started on the dyes used to colour it… I put mine in a high quality plastic (number 1 or 2 is safe to use essential oils in, otherwise the oils will breakdown and leach toxins from the plastic – not leaving you much better off toxin wise) foaming soap pump and it goes a long way!

DIY Foaming Hand Soap - non toxic & with Essential Oils

Mouth Wash

I shared all about how we overhauled our oral health care routine and gave the boot to all the weird chemicals that can be found in conventional products in this post, but since this is truly the quickest and easiest of all DIYs I thought I would share once again. Find a glass bottle or jar – I recycled a kombucha bottle.

Fill jar/bottle with distilled or boiled then cooled water, or even just tap water – the oils will purify it anyways. Add approximately 8 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil and 2 drops of Clove Bud essential Oil, you can use more or less drops depending on preference and size of container. Shake before use & you are all set for an all natural, economic, super effective mouth wash!

(not all essential oils are equal – ensure that yours are pure and of the highest quality before ingesting!)

Using Essential Oils for your Oral Health - Mouth Wash

Dry Shampoo

Forget diamonds – dry shampoo is truly a girls best friend! Aerosol products generally are filled with not so lovely chemicals that can disrupt proper hormone levels, irritate our lungs and eyes, as well as do awesome thing that make our hair look way fresher than it is, right? So if you can take away the negative effects and still freshen your hair – why not?

Light Hair: 1/4C Arrowroot Powder

Dark Hair: Combine 2 Tbsp each of Arrowroot Powder & Cocoa Powder

Add two drops each of Lavender, Peppermint & Rosemary or a combo of your preference for a total of 6 drops. My preference is 3 each of Peppermint and Rosemary! These three oils are great for your scalp, can help promote hair growth and smell ah-mazing! Also, the dark hair one does have a slight chocolatey smell to it which is rather appealing to a chocolate lover like myself!

To apply – if you are like me and you don’t have make up brushes for days – just sprinkle some on and massage it into the desired areas with your fingers. If you prefer a brush – a dense and largish brush will work best for you!

Non toxic Dry Shampoo with Essential Oils


I hope you enjoy these recipes & have caught a glimpse at how truly easy it can be to ‘clean up’ the products you use in your home with the added benefits of essential oils & feel free to contact me with any questions: & feel free to check out my EO Instagram (separate from my blog account) for daily tips, diffuser recipe suggestions & even cooking with essential oils! The link is right here :)

Please comment below if you try any of these recipes & share some of your favourite ways to use Essential Oils!

DIY Play Kitchen - Imaginary Sails Blo

Up-Cycled Furniture: DIY Play Kitchen

I am so excited to share this DIY Play Kitchen with you guys! It is such a fun project and I just love how completely customizable it is! I did a relatively simple one without a back or back splash, but really the sky is the limit, I have seen ones that are quite big made out of whole entertainment units with back splash tile etc. to match their actual kitchen! I chose to do a small and simple one so 1) I would actually do it and not get overwhelmed with the scope of the project and 2) it was for my niece and my sister didn’t want or need a gargantuan one ;)

When I first started looking for ideas to make this, I got a little frustrated because there was nothing giving exact instructions unless you were buying a certain new night stand from Ikea. As I worked my way through this project I realized quickly that you really can’t make exact instructions for someone else because the way the hinges might work, etc. will vary a lot depending on the piece of furniture you start with. I really love the idea of up-cycling old furniture and it is a lot more cost effective, there is also the bonus of finding a piece to use with extra character like this one, I fell in love with the feet (and it only cost $15):

Side Table DIY Kitchen - raw

Once I found the night stand I knew next I would need to find paint and a reasonable sized bowl for the sink and had a few ideas for the tap (a few that I have seen used are upside down silver painted letters: “J” or “L”, an actual old tap from a used supply store which I wanted to do but the only one our local re-store had was rather hideous). I actually used an over the door hanger from the dollar store and it was perfect, I also got a small shallow bowl from the dollar store for the sink as well.

So from those supplies you can see this is shaping up to be a pretty inexpensive project, there was one item that I kind of splurged on though which brought the price up a little, which is FAT Paint Chalk paint, I chose it for a few reasons though and only used about 1/5th of the can so I have lots left for other projects which I am excited about!

I love the chalk paint because it goes on easily and covers well, the surface prep necessary is minimal, it is low VOC and comes in great colours, I picked “apple”. I also think it’s great to support local companies, I knew this company was Canadian but didn’t realize they were so close, in New Westminster! I also purchased the clear top coast for added durability. For the “burners” and “dials” I used the black and silver acrylic paint I had on hand, from the dollar store too.

DIY Play Kitchen - Chalk Paint

So the first thing I did before painting the Play Kitchen was cut out the hole for the sink, my hubby drilled the starter hole and I used the jig saw to cut the hole. It wasn’t perfect but the rim of the bowl/sink hides that.

DIY Play Kitchen - Cutting out the sink

DIY Play Kitchen - Bowl Sink

From there I painted two coats with the green chalk paint and then needed to figure out what exactly I needed or wanted to do from there… the fun part!

I painted a silver back ground with a black border for the “stove top” (the coffee table seemed like a reasonable work bench :D), and my hubby who has a much steadier hand than mine did the burners later, you can also do 3D burners with a round of wood or something if you prefer.

DIY Play Kitchen - Stove top

DIY Play Kitchen - Stove Top

I went to home hardware and got the rest of the components, a spring curtain rod kit for the little curtain $3.99 (it comes with the necessary hardware), for the tap handles I bought two of the basic “12 point handles” $4.49 each, a magnetic catch to keep the “oven” door closed $4.59, and little hinges $3.99. I had previously found stove knobs from the re-store and cleaned them so they looked like new, you could also buy them new from an appliance store if you have something very specific in mind and cannot find it used.

I had a mis-step in my planning (as usual) and forgot about the shelf so we had to get creative the night before our Christmas morning with our niece and improvised, using random items in our garage. I also bought some matching drawer liner to make the shelf pretty, and also to apply to the back of the Play Kitchen, so depending on where it is placed it is still pretty from all sides!

All in all, this project cost less than $80 CDN!

Magnetic Catch to keep the Oven closed:

DIY Play Kitchen - Magnetic Catch

DIY Play Kitchen - Magnetic Catch


DIY Play Kitchen - Shelf

DIY Play Kitchen - Shelf

Here are a few photos of the finished product, I hope this has been helpful and has given you some inspiration for a project of your own! Sorry the photo quality isn’t great, I had forgotten to get some finished product photos until my sister was ready to load the car up and head home with it – oops! If you love it, please pin and share :) if you have other questions, please feel free to contact me, my email is, or DM me on Instagram!

DIY Play Kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen - Back with drawer liner

DIY Play Kitchen

DIY Kids Play Kitchen - up-cycled bed side table from Imaginary Sails Blog

Some other DIY projects I have done are hereand here!




Part Two – 3 Easy Nursery DIYs Under $10

Here is a super fast and super easy to make a lovely personalized addition to your nursery, or kids room, or even for a living room! You can use the initial of the first or last name – I love the idea of the last name letter for newly weds! I love the diversity, your options are truly endless and with a quick swap of the paper behind the letter you have a brand new look to get mileage out of! I made this for my son’s nursery and since then also made one for my niece and included three options for the background because options are a girls best friend. Right?!

Paper Background options



All of these supplies can be found at the dollar store, even the frame. If you have an exact frame that you want to do this with not found at the dollar store I will admit this project will probably cost more than $10, but not much more!

  • Picture frame of choice
  • Scrap book paper – some other options, especially if you have a rustic look going on in your nursery (drool!) would be brown packing paper or even burlap.
  • A paper cutter – my new favourite thing since I can’t cut in a straight line very well. Scissors and a measuring tape or ruler will work too of course!
  • Acrylic Paint in your colour of choice. (Optional – you could leave the wood raw if that is more the look you are going for, or even stain it!)
  • Paint Brush
  • A wooden letter
  • Double sided tape or crazy glue. I cannot be left unsupervised around crazy glue – bad things surely will happen, so I opted for double sided tape. You could also use a hot glue gun depending on the picture frame, mine had plastic rather than glass so hot glue seemed like a bad choice…

Imaginary Sails - Framed Letter Easy DIY Supplies



First cover the surface you are painting on. Paint or stain the letter and leave to dry – probably at least an hour.

While the letter is drying measure the size of the frame and cut  the scrap book paper accordingly using your scissors or paper cutter. I did four options so in the future I would already have some options I loved, I also would do this if it is a gift because it’s awesome.

Insert paper into your frame, and tape in place if necessary, replace backing onto the picture frame.

Once the letter is dry, attach it to the OUTSIDE of the glass or plastic of your picture frame, this way you can change out the scrap book paper behind it as often as you want with no fuss, I have seen a similar project where the letter was fastened to the paper but what fun is that?

That’s it! Now hang it up where you’d love to see it or wrap it up for the lucky recipient!
Imaginary Sails - EASY nursery DIY

If you haven’t seen it yet, the first part of this series can be found here.

Part One – 3 Adorable Nursery DIYs Under $10

Okay, it might be early to pull this out of the hat because it might just be my best DIY project ever and I only have, like, three ;). Alright I have more than three (probably) but anyways I am off track two sentences in.

I love how easy, diverse, fast and cheap this is. I did this project when I was getting my son’s nursery ready, so I did it in the colour theme I had going for his room but the possibilities are endless. Not only can you use these for a quick decor update in any room, you could do seasonal colours or holiday colours and you can use different sizes of canvas, different widths of painters tape and with no artistic talent necessary, (that’s my jam) you can create a great piece.


I bought all of these at the dollar store, if there is one thing I would perhaps buy at a craft store it would be the paint brushes – I lucked out finding decent ones at the dollar store this time but sometimes the only ones you can find there aren’t worth the savings.


Acrylic Paint

Painters Tape (thick for bigger canvas, narrow for the little ones)


Paint Pallet (or a plate!)


Use the painters tape to create the desired pattern, the options are endless! Here are some examples of the ones I did:

Imaginary Sails - tape off & paint canvas - yellow! (more…)