Nawgum Teether Review [ & Giveaway!]

As parents we are bombarded by so many products promising to be better than the rest and it can be totally overwhelming to wade through all of it and end up on the other side with something you not only trust but also gets the job done.

Nawgum Teether by Mello and Co - Review by Imaginary Sails Blog

Nawgum Teether Review and Giveaway- Imaginary Sails Blog

I was intrigued at first sight of this little cactus shaped Nawgum teether & was all the more interested by the fact that is was designed by a Mom who couldn’t find anything just right for relieving the incessant bother of teething. She founded Mello & Co and the teether is available through their website as well as in stores – she has a great store locator on the website. For my local Mamas, she has them stocked in Crocodile Baby Stores, there are three locations in Vancouver and one in South Surrey at Morgan Crossing.

Nawgum Teether Review - Imaginary Sails Blog

This design is unique in that it features the longer and textured arms specifically designed to get way back to those molars that can be hard to reach with other teething products, the arms are also easy for little ones to grip and there is a little round bulb on the front that is perfect for the front teeth. Teething is a tricky thing and is different for every child and probably for every parent as well, and this is a great tool that can definitely make things easier!

My little chomper has never been a huge chewer while teething, we tried the frozen wash cloths, the chilled butterfly shaped things, wooden teethers and everything in between and he just wasn’t hugely interested. This one though, he’s used significantly more than any other teether we’ve tried!

Nawgum Teether- Review and Giveaway

When we got the Nawgum teether, the first thing little H did was grab onto it, the little cactus arms are perfect for little hands to hold on to making it easy for them to get it where they need it for relief. When I was first in contact with Sue, the creator of the Nawgum teether, H seemed to be teething but of course when we received it he seemed to be past it, but sure enough we just needed to wait a few weeks and some more signs of teething would come!

He seems to take particularly to the little knob in the center putting it to the side of his mouth to get at the area bugging him. Not only that but in the past couple days he has been utilizing the longer ‘arms’ of the cactus to get farther back in his mouth.

I would definitely say this this is a large cut above the average teether you would get at the drug store! As always, safety is important to me too & I love that the Nawgum is made from seamless food-grade silicone, is BPA free, is nontoxic and is top-rack dishwasher safe! Aside from all of these great features it was designed by someone passionate about providing something different who knew exactly what was needed – pretty cool!

Sue at Nawgum has graciously provided one for me to giveaway to one of my lovely readers and I’m so excited for whoever gets to try this product! It is new to the Canadian market so you will likely be the first of your friends to check it out! Enter below and share with all your friends that has a little teether in the house!

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Bébé de Luxe Feature and Give Away! - Imaginary Sails Blog

Bébé de Luxe Is Luxury in a Jar + Giveaway

I never win anything. Okay, that’s not entirely true, I once won a cake in a cake walk when I was five. That’s the only thing I can ever recall winning until one lazy evening I was made aware of a contest by my friend Kat over at The Pampered Baby Blog to win some pretty awesome sounding bath stuff called Bébé.de.Luxe. A couple of days went by and I got a message from Amanda saying I had won a Luxe Jar of the signature Coconut and Oat Milk Bath – this got me sooooo excited!

Part of entering the contest was liking her Facebook page and one quick browse through and I knew I was in for a treat (and I debated internally whether to share this treat with the baby and hubby too ;)  or to just hide it away and use it on the rare occasion I get a solo bath)… The package arrived on the perfect day, it was a dreary afternoon and H had taken a face plant sort of tumble while we were out running errands and I knew it was a bath, snack, nap type of afternoon. It had me at hello, the smell is delicious and I couldn’t believe how great my skin felt coming out of the bath, unshaven legs aside of course.

Luxury Baby Bath time - Bebe De Luxe - Feature & Giveaway - Imaginary Sails Blog

H doesn’t have any issue with super smooth baby skin but even he felt softer afterwards – and that isn’t even the part that really really matters. As a new Mom (well I’m over a year in, can I get some soft of different status now – not quite veteran but not total newbie?), I am definitely very aware of the kinds of products we use on him and I love the ‘no nasties’ approach Amanda has achieved. I love a product I can trust and use on my little one worry free! Bébé.de.Luxe Coconut & Oat Milk Bath is natural, vegan and free of all toxins, parabens and carcinogens the ‘Nasties’. It is made with 100% certified organic and food-grade ingredients. This is so great because my recent attempts to teach H to blow bubbles in the bath have been fruitless and he usually starts drinking the bath water instead of blowing bubbles which is actually fine, I can rest assured that no harm will come from this product being ingested. Plus I kind of think he just likes the taste.

A scoop of Luxury - Bebe De Luxe Coconut & Oat Milk Bath (more…)