RV Living {Reality Check} Six Months In

It’s hard to believe six months have passed since we moved into our trailer! I have had a lot of people asking how it has been going, so I thought I would break down some of the good and bad aspects of RV living for us so far. Any negative sides we’ve experienced are almost exclusively related to the fact that we haven’t started travelling yet, and it is winter on the Sunshine Coast of BC, which means a whole lot of rain – but luckily not much snow!

What’s The Hold Up On Getting This Show On The Road?

Our plan was always that we would be living in the trailer stationary for a period, waiting until little Arly arrived, then making sure we were both healthy (which we are, yay!). We then adjusted the plan to accommodate Bryn wrapping up work which is taking longer than anticipated, as is normal with construction. We hoped to be on the road by now, but our new departure will be late March or early April, and it seems we might need that time to be totally prepared anyways!

It is a little weird living in our trailer, where we have been living the past few years, but also has made the transition a lot easier! We know where to get diapers at the best prices for Arly, where to take Hudson to play and have gotten to enjoy our local family and friends which has been great!

RV Living … How is it REALLY?

Pull up a chair and I’ll give you the REAL scoop on RV living… it really isn’t bad! It would be completely misleading to say it’s all been roses though, so here is the main thing that has been really hard: Getting organized… Not a strength for Bryn and I and without organization in such a small space there is clutter and eventually clutter = anxiety for both of us. The saying that the state of your space is a reflection of the state of your mind is spot on. This was something we struggled with in our house too, but we always had a spare room to keep our mess out of sight! Now that it doesn’t feel like Bryn is working 24/7 we are chipping away at projects to make staying organized easier which makes the trailer much more enjoyable to be in.

Ongoing purging helps a ton as well, now that we have been in here for a while we can be way more objective about what we do and do not need! Minimizing toys tip for RV living or just working towards having less stuff: if you need to purge toys, get Daddy to do it! I am way too sentimental and can picture Hudson playing with each toy, Bryn cut his toys in half (again) in about 20 minutes and he definitely didn’t feel sad at all, ha!

The Worst Part So Far

MOLD. ugh. A very unfortunate side effect of our disorganization was lack of airflow in a few particular corners. That combined with cold temperatures causing condensation in those same corners meant mold! We knew the previous owners had some moisture issues because when we pulled up the carpet in the slides, there were some water stains, so we were checking the corners regularly. Since we were checking we caught it before it had been there for too long, but still so gross. The damage was thankfully minimal, we just need to seal the trim with paint & have used some handy essential oils to kill the mold (see spray recipe below). By moving around the fan and dehumidifier we are making sure there is adequate air movement throughout the trailer. Those corners are now permanently cleared out to make sure that doesn’t happen again, the mold was an excellent motivator to get organized haha!

I keep thinking about how many people with carpeted trailers must have sneaky mold living in their corners if they have spent time in colder climates, yuck! Many people put a skirting around the bottom of their RV to help conserve heat and that would probably prevent this issue as well. If we happen to be in our trailer in a colder climate again for any period we will be doing this!

Things We Didn’t Think Of When Planning on RV Living full time

I think we had a pretty realistic grasp on what life in the trailer would look like but one thing I didn’t think of was drinking water. The previous owners lived in Mexico with this rig for a few months and so we have no idea if the water is 100% safe to drink. It tastes gross, like hose water. The temporary solution has been two 4L jugs we fill up daily for drinking and cooking with. It isn’t a huge deal but can definitely be a pain & is just one more thing to do. We will clean out the system and test it before we hit the road, so at least we can fill some sort of filtration jug right in the trailer instead of having to trek around with the boys and jugs of water. I know, a definite first world problem, but something we never thought about in our house.

On the Sunshine Coast there are only a few campgrounds, so let’s just say you get what you get. The location of where we are is perfect and the amenities are totally adequate, however when there is a lot of rain we walk out our door to several inches of water. Not ideal! This means constantly tracking in tree needles into the RV, as we need to keep our shoes inside. This causes a bit of a space issue as well…  The upside to all this? It is a small fraction of what we used to pay for our mortgage, SCORE!

The Best Part So Far

Sweet simplicity, I really love our tiny little home and it 100% feels like home because of the awesome humans I share it with. 20 minutes to clean the whole thing doesn’t hurt either! Can’t wait to fill you in once we hit the road and get to start the real adventure!



Imaginary Sails - the weird feeling of being a work at home mom.

Weird (non) Work Days

It’s been a weird day. I feel like I was just getting back into the swing of working when I stopped working – and by working I am referring to my paying job. I was acutely aware all day today that I should have been at work, even though I shouldn’t have been. I have taken a step back to casual from two days each week after a month back from maternity leave. I made this choice for lots of reasons but essentially childcare (or lack of) and barely bringing anything home when it was all said and done were the major factors. If I’m barely making anything doing something I am less than passionate about – I’d rather find ways to mostly be a work-at-home-mom for now, especially with all the changes in our lives lately including my hubby Bryn now being self-employed which means an all over the map and fairly unpredictable schedule.

Our work lives have changed drastically in the past couple of months not to mention all the work our energetic little bundle takes as well!

It feels like I’ve had a job forever, which isn’t quite accurate but very close to at least half my life so far, and definitely all of my adult life… so while technically I am still a casual employee all that means is I will work the odd day if I can when (and if) they call. I’m a bit worried about this new chapter.

Here’s why:

  • I’m not a routine person.
  • I am not a creature of habit or structure (in most ways).
  • I would like to think what money I do (or don’t) make doesn’t define me or give me value – but I am freaking out a little inside (and now publicly) about the fact that I will not be bringing in much (for now).
  • I am a master procrastinator, which equals me being adequate but maybe more often than not sub par in the all things domestic department.


Weird Work Days - Back to work then back home again after mat leave - my plan to get more organized in this unstructured life. Read More