Handprint painting - Valentine's Day Tradition

Our Valentine’s Day Family Tradition

I am so excited to share the Valentine’s Day tradition we started last year with you! Last year was our first Valentine’s Day as a family of three and with a four month old my hubby and I didn’t really get up to much, not that we went all out in years prior either, but last year felt much different anyways due to the babe.

If anything, adding to our family has made our love grow and change in ways we never could have prepared for, and it is a beautiful thing. Last year the contrast of being a family of more than two really resonated with me and although I am not usually super organized and we don’t have a ton of traditions per se, I started one that I think we will easily be able to stick with over the years!

Handprint painting - Valentine's Day Tradition

Obviously over the years Bryn’s and mine hand print probably won’t change a whole lot but I am so excited to even see how much bigger Hudson’s hand this year compared to last & I get goosebumps thinking about how there is a good chance Hudson’s hand will also be bigger than mine one day & maybe even bigger than his Dad’s too!

The thought of the hand prints we will add to this as our family grows really excites me too & since it is such a simple project I know this will be one of few projects I will actually keep up with!

Here’s what you’ll need:

A canvas or thick paper of your choosing – at least as big as the biggest hand involved :)

Acrylic paint

Paint brushes

I got all of the above from the dollar store, so not only is this cute but super affordable!

We did colour last year but I think this year I want to do black, white & grey or gold so I can put it up in the kitchen or living room without clashing with the other decor around, I will add a picture when we do it on Sunday!


I think this is pretty self explanatory, but just in case, start with the biggest hand, paint with colour of your choice and press it down well onto the paper or canvas.

Let dry for about half an hour and proceed with the next hand in size with a contrasting colour.

Continue through to the littlest hand, let dry and frame or mount as is!

Handprint painting - Valentine's Day Tradition

Let your heart over flow with joy, love and gratitude for the family you have!

If you already have those supplies and are feeling crafty, here are a couple other easy DIY ideas, here and here.

Happy Love day this weekend loves!

Part One – 3 Adorable Nursery DIYs Under $10

Okay, it might be early to pull this out of the hat because it might just be my best DIY project ever and I only have, like, three ;). Alright I have more than three (probably) but anyways I am off track two sentences in.

I love how easy, diverse, fast and cheap this is. I did this project when I was getting my son’s nursery ready, so I did it in the colour theme I had going for his room but the possibilities are endless. Not only can you use these for a quick decor update in any room, you could do seasonal colours or holiday colours and you can use different sizes of canvas, different widths of painters tape and with no artistic talent necessary, (that’s my jam) you can create a great piece.


I bought all of these at the dollar store, if there is one thing I would perhaps buy at a craft store it would be the paint brushes – I lucked out finding decent ones at the dollar store this time but sometimes the only ones you can find there aren’t worth the savings.


Acrylic Paint

Painters Tape (thick for bigger canvas, narrow for the little ones)


Paint Pallet (or a plate!)


Use the painters tape to create the desired pattern, the options are endless! Here are some examples of the ones I did:

Imaginary Sails - tape off & paint canvas - yellow! (more…)