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Up-Cycled Furniture: DIY Play Kitchen

I am so excited to share this DIY Play Kitchen with you guys! It is such a fun project and I just love how completely customizable it is! I did a relatively simple one without a back or back splash, but really the sky is the limit, I have seen ones that are quite big made out of whole entertainment units with back splash tile etc. to match their actual kitchen! I chose to do a small and simple one so 1) I would actually do it and not get overwhelmed with the scope of the project and 2) it was for my niece and my sister didn’t want or need a gargantuan one ;)

When I first started looking for ideas to make this, I got a little frustrated because there was nothing giving exact instructions unless you were buying a certain new night stand from Ikea. As I worked my way through this project I realized quickly that you really can’t make exact instructions for someone else because the way the hinges might work, etc. will vary a lot depending on the piece of furniture you start with. I really love the idea of up-cycling old furniture and it is a lot more cost effective, there is also the bonus of finding a piece to use with extra character like this one, I fell in love with the feet (and it only cost $15):

Side Table DIY Kitchen - raw

Once I found the night stand I knew next I would need to find paint and a reasonable sized bowl for the sink and had a few ideas for the tap (a few that I have seen used are upside down silver painted letters: “J” or “L”, an actual old tap from a used supply store which I wanted to do but the only one our local re-store had was rather hideous). I actually used an over the door hanger from the dollar store and it was perfect, I also got a small shallow bowl from the dollar store for the sink as well.

So from those supplies you can see this is shaping up to be a pretty inexpensive project, there was one item that I kind of splurged on though which brought the price up a little, which is FAT Paint Chalk paint, I chose it for a few reasons though and only used about 1/5th of the can so I have lots left for other projects which I am excited about!

I love the chalk paint because it goes on easily and covers well, the surface prep necessary is minimal, it is low VOC and comes in great colours, I picked “apple”. I also think it’s great to support local companies, I knew this company was Canadian but didn’t realize they were so close, in New Westminster! I also purchased the clear top coast for added durability. For the “burners” and “dials” I used the black and silver acrylic paint I had on hand, from the dollar store too.

DIY Play Kitchen - Chalk Paint

So the first thing I did before painting the Play Kitchen was cut out the hole for the sink, my hubby drilled the starter hole and I used the jig saw to cut the hole. It wasn’t perfect but the rim of the bowl/sink hides that.

DIY Play Kitchen - Cutting out the sink

DIY Play Kitchen - Bowl Sink

From there I painted two coats with the green chalk paint and then needed to figure out what exactly I needed or wanted to do from there… the fun part!

I painted a silver back ground with a black border for the “stove top” (the coffee table seemed like a reasonable work bench :D), and my hubby who has a much steadier hand than mine did the burners later, you can also do 3D burners with a round of wood or something if you prefer.

DIY Play Kitchen - Stove top

DIY Play Kitchen - Stove Top

I went to home hardware and got the rest of the components, a spring curtain rod kit for the little curtain $3.99 (it comes with the necessary hardware), for the tap handles I bought two of the basic “12 point handles” $4.49 each, a magnetic catch to keep the “oven” door closed $4.59, and little hinges $3.99. I had previously found stove knobs from the re-store and cleaned them so they looked like new, you could also buy them new from an appliance store if you have something very specific in mind and cannot find it used.

I had a mis-step in my planning (as usual) and forgot about the shelf so we had to get creative the night before our Christmas morning with our niece and improvised, using random items in our garage. I also bought some matching drawer liner to make the shelf pretty, and also to apply to the back of the Play Kitchen, so depending on where it is placed it is still pretty from all sides!

All in all, this project cost less than $80 CDN!

Magnetic Catch to keep the Oven closed:

DIY Play Kitchen - Magnetic Catch

DIY Play Kitchen - Magnetic Catch


DIY Play Kitchen - Shelf

DIY Play Kitchen - Shelf

Here are a few photos of the finished product, I hope this has been helpful and has given you some inspiration for a project of your own! Sorry the photo quality isn’t great, I had forgotten to get some finished product photos until my sister was ready to load the car up and head home with it – oops! If you love it, please pin and share :) if you have other questions, please feel free to contact me, my email is, or DM me on Instagram!

DIY Play Kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen - Back with drawer liner

DIY Play Kitchen

DIY Kids Play Kitchen - up-cycled bed side table from Imaginary Sails Blog

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Nawgum Teether Review [ & Giveaway!]

As parents we are bombarded by so many products promising to be better than the rest and it can be totally overwhelming to wade through all of it and end up on the other side with something you not only trust but also gets the job done.

Nawgum Teether by Mello and Co - Review by Imaginary Sails Blog

Nawgum Teether Review and Giveaway- Imaginary Sails Blog

I was intrigued at first sight of this little cactus shaped Nawgum teether & was all the more interested by the fact that is was designed by a Mom who couldn’t find anything just right for relieving the incessant bother of teething. She founded Mello & Co and the teether is available through their website as well as in stores – she has a great store locator on the website. For my local Mamas, she has them stocked in Crocodile Baby Stores, there are three locations in Vancouver and one in South Surrey at Morgan Crossing.

Nawgum Teether Review - Imaginary Sails Blog

This design is unique in that it features the longer and textured arms specifically designed to get way back to those molars that can be hard to reach with other teething products, the arms are also easy for little ones to grip and there is a little round bulb on the front that is perfect for the front teeth. Teething is a tricky thing and is different for every child and probably for every parent as well, and this is a great tool that can definitely make things easier!

My little chomper has never been a huge chewer while teething, we tried the frozen wash cloths, the chilled butterfly shaped things, wooden teethers and everything in between and he just wasn’t hugely interested. This one though, he’s used significantly more than any other teether we’ve tried!

Nawgum Teether- Review and Giveaway

When we got the Nawgum teether, the first thing little H did was grab onto it, the little cactus arms are perfect for little hands to hold on to making it easy for them to get it where they need it for relief. When I was first in contact with Sue, the creator of the Nawgum teether, H seemed to be teething but of course when we received it he seemed to be past it, but sure enough we just needed to wait a few weeks and some more signs of teething would come!

He seems to take particularly to the little knob in the center putting it to the side of his mouth to get at the area bugging him. Not only that but in the past couple days he has been utilizing the longer ‘arms’ of the cactus to get farther back in his mouth.

I would definitely say this this is a large cut above the average teether you would get at the drug store! As always, safety is important to me too & I love that the Nawgum is made from seamless food-grade silicone, is BPA free, is nontoxic and is top-rack dishwasher safe! Aside from all of these great features it was designed by someone passionate about providing something different who knew exactly what was needed – pretty cool!

Sue at Nawgum has graciously provided one for me to giveaway to one of my lovely readers and I’m so excited for whoever gets to try this product! It is new to the Canadian market so you will likely be the first of your friends to check it out! Enter below and share with all your friends that has a little teether in the house!

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Cranberry & Pear Smoothie - Be kind to Santa and give him (and the reindeer) the gift of health! Imaginary Sails Blog

Cranberry & Pear Smoothie

What could be more delightful than a Christmas themed smoothie? How about a beautiful Christmas themed smoothie that is not only a festive colour, is packed full of anti-oxidants, and tastes great?

I will cut right to the chase, cranberries are fabulous for your health, high in nutrients and mix well with other flavours. This is a great addition to your smoothie rotation and chances are at this time of year you will have the ingredients on hand.

Cranberry & Pear Smoothie, a great way to get some goodness into yourself in an indulgent time of year! Imaginary Sails Blog


2 Cups of fresh or frozen cranberries

1 Whole Banana

1 Whole ripe Pear (or even two if they are on the small side)

1 1/2 Tbsp chopped Ginger (I am a huge ginger fan, if you are not, simply omit. If you are also a fan, check out some other gingery smoothies here and here)

1/2 Cup Cherries (optional: I added because my pear was not super ripe – see notes below)

2 Cups Liquid (I added one cup water, one cup coconut milk – if you prefer a sweeter smoothie I would recommend one cup of juice such as orange or apple. You could also add some yogurt if it tickles your fancy)

Cranberry & Pear Smoothie, a great way to get some goodness into yourself in an indulgent time of year, blend it up! Imaginary Sails Blog


Toss it all in your blender and blend well! Pour and enjoy, if you have a festive straw – even better ;)

Cranberry & Pear Smoothie, a great way to get some goodness into yourself in an indulgent time of year, blend it up! Or leave it for Santa to give him a boost on his big night! Imaginary Sails Blog


  • Although I had them for days fully expecting them to be quite ripe my pear was still on the firm side, so you may not need to add cherries, or you may need less liquid).
  • My hubby tried it with some black rum and said it tasted better without, so if you are opting to spike it maybe something more mild like white rum! (you are welcome)
  • Our little one loved it & I love adding new tastes and foods to the rotation as much as possible)

I hope you enjoy this so much & it makes you feel so great to get some extra goodness in! I’m all for cookies and milk, but I’m sure Santa gets tired eating his way around the world so you could leave one of these for him too!

Cranberry & Pear Smoothie - Be kind to Santa and give him (and the reindeer) the gift of antioxidants! Imaginary Sails Blog

Cranberry & Pear Smoothie Give yourself and Santa the gift of health this year. Imaginary Sails Blog

Kale Pineapple Smoothie

Here is a little dose of sunshine for you this morning! I absolutely love pineapple, it always puts a smile on my face and when it is blended up in a smoothie I can almost convince myself that I am in Hawaii, they were on for a smokin deal at the grocery store so I went for it.

Imaginary Sails - Kale Pineapple Smoothie2


2C Kale
1 Pineapple
1/2 large Avocado (or a whole smaller one)
2TBSP Hemp Hearts
Coconut Milk (optional, can use other type of milk if desired)

Cantaloupe Ginger Green Smoothie

Imaginary Sails - Kid Friendly Cantaloupe Ginger Green Smoothie Here is another delicious smoothie for you and yours, it is creamy and thick and so satisfying! I am super extra excited about this one because well, cantaloupe is gross. Yep, it’s not very tasty, and is the reject of fruit cups everywhere. BUT, it has many redeeming qualities that should make you want to eat it so this smoothie is a great way to get it in without really having to taste it. You are welcome!


A Bright Pink Green Smoothie


I love smoothies, so much. Also, since my little guy has been around 9 months I have found them to be a brilliant way to get in lots of vitamins, fiber, and variety to his diet that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise… at least not easily and I’m all about easy where easy works!!!

Here’s what I put in today’s smoothie: