The Name Game

So I have been doing a LOT of research on blogging (thank-you pinterest!) and I have so appreciated how many seasoned bloggers out there are willing to share their advice that they have gathered over months or years of experience and share it with clueless newbies such as myself. I read a lot about naming your blog, the dos and don’ts, I brainstormed, made sure the names on my list couldn’t be misread to sound like something rude or nonsensical, went back and brainstormed some more, and more … and come up with nada, zilch. Nothing felt right, it felt like I was trying too hard and nothing explained my blog or me. Then one day “Imaginary Sails” just came into my brain, and it stuck.

A little insight into how my brain works, so you aren’t disappointed by the following explanation of my blog name. I have a VW golf, it was my first not total piece of junk car, and it is beige, or sand, or taupe or something along those lines, HOWEVER while talking with the Salesman (sneaky sneaky used car salesman, but that’s another story) I decided it was actually champagne coloured. I also had named all my cars up to this point and this would be no exception. So her name is Ariel, because: her colour = champagne = bubbles = being under water = the little mermaid = Ariel. BAM! Makes sense right?!?! Yea, not to most people but that’s okay.

Oh my silly brain, it has forced me to break pretty much all of the freshly learned blog naming rules, but I guess I have always been a bit of a rebel at heart. The idea of starting a blog has rattled around my head for a couple of years, it seemed fun as well as a creative outlet which is something I have felt is perhaps lacking in my life, but it was over a conversation about our boat that I decided I would seriously start looking into it. I would blog about boating. Then we dropped our boat off with a mechanic, months and months and months ago (the Sunshine Coast seems to operate on “Coastal Time”, not different from it’s cousin “Island Time”) so we may or may not still have a boat… see what I am getting at … no?!?! It may or may not exist = IMAGINARY! I know it is a bit of a reach but that is why I needed to include the car naming story. Oh and the boat most certainly does not have any sails, which sealed the deal on Imaginary Sails winning out. The puppy dog tails tacked onto the end (I have a baby boy, and boys = snakes and snails and puppy dog tails, and it rhymes) is due to a blunder in domain name buying which I may share later since I’m sure there will be enough blunders soon enough to make a post out of them.

Well now you know, sorry if your brain had to bend and stretch to follow my line of thought, hope it was at least good for a chuckle! Until next time…